Current version The current version is released as a 'Click-Once' application, complete with the associated Help file.
Clicking the install button should start the process; note that:
  • A setup.exe file will be downloaded (to the current user's Downloads folder).
  • Opening this 'setup' file should cause the application, and associated Help file, to be downloaded and the application launched.
  • The application requires the .NET 4.x runtime package.
  • Because the application does not contain a code-signing certificate (the cost is not justified for what is provided as a free application), you will be asked if you trust the application - if you decline, the application will not be installed.
  • Once the application is installed, there should be an entry for it on the Start menu, and in the Add/Remove Programs group in the Control Panel.
  • The application will check if any updated version is available for download when it is started (but if a network connection is not present, the application will run without checking for updates).
Other versions Stand-alone versions of the current and (some) previous application executables (within .zip files).
Help files Compiled help (.chm) files.
Prior to version of the application, the associated help file had to be downloaded separately; with the current version, the help file is downloaded and installed with the application.
You can, if you wish, download and view the latest version of the help file, prior to downloading the application, in order to check the available features.
Source Visual Studio 2017 source of the current released version of the application, together with the source of the accompanying Compiled HTML Help File (all within a .zip file).
The source of a later development version (only about 60% complete) may also be published in due course.